A Veterans Day Special | EMI Testing on Air Force One in 1972


One of our employees shared this image with me today. That’s him on the right, our very own Dan Willemin, doing EMI testing on Air Force One in 1972. I thought I’d share it here in honor of Veterans Day.

Hopefully we’re not giving away any government secrets here. Considering this image was taken in 1972 and was published in a newspaper I’m thinking we’re safe.

Dan W EMI testing Air Force One in 1972

Dan told me that long before FCC requirements, the NSA had a program called TEMPEST.  He said it was basically doing EMC testing of equipment processing classified information to see if the emissions can be decoded to compromise the secure information.

From myself and Professional Testing to Dan and to all who have served, thank you for the overwhelming sacrifices you made to protect freedom.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Lisa Hackbarth
Director of Branding, Culture & Growth 

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