FCC / ISED Wireless Submittal Checklist



  • Thank you for choosing Professional Testing for your FCC Certification testing needs!

    Before the start of your assessment, please complete this form and submit all required materials.

    Click here to download a .pdf with further explanations and details to assist you in your documentation gathering.

  • XXX = Grantee Code (3 characters); YYYY = Product Identifier (maximum of 14 characters)
  • Required Exhibits for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Certification -- RSP-100

    Documentation from above is required along with the ISED specific requirements below. See information sheets and attachments for further explanation.
  • Company Number (obtained from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) followed by UPN (unique product number) up to 11 characters.
  • Attached to IC or ISED Letters above.
  • Attached to IC or ISED Letters above.
  • (if applicable to device)
  • Must be located within Canada. May be authorized agent or distributor. Attached to IC or ISED Letters above. Note the Point of Contact Letter is optional, however without this your REL listing may be delayed by ISED.
  • May be same label from FCC documentation to include ISED ID number.

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