EMC Testing


PTI offers a complete line of equipment, facilities and accreditations to meet your worldwide EMC testing needs!

Electronics are used in products and systems today including home appliances, automobiles, airplanes, computers and complex military systems. The EMC regulations have grown over the last 60 years from United States Military Standards to world-wide requirements imposed by the Federal Communications Commission, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Industry Canada, European Union EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, China Taiwan and Korea. Professional Testing opened its doors in Austin over 30 years ago performing EMI testing. Today, PTI can perform testing to meet the growing demand of EMC requirements worldwide for Commercial, Military, Avionics, Medical, Integrated Circuits and Wireless products.

Common standards and markets PTI test include:

Whether it’s conducted or radiated emissions, conducted or radiated immunity, surge, EFT burst, dips and power interruptions, PTI can perform!

Why Choose PTI?

We help our customers be proactive by getting involved early in the design phase, designing in reliability and compliance. The result is bringing products to market faster with less cost, and better service.  Learn More >

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