Dust Testing


PTI provides for two general types of dust testing, fine powder dust and a patented fibrous dust mixture.

ISO 80939 (Arizona Road) Dust, Talcum Powder or Sand

The first tests with a fine powder dust, such as ISO 80939 (Arizona Road) dust, talcum powder or sand. This testing is usually the first part of the ingress protection (IP) specified in IEC 60529. The first characteristic numeral (such as IP5x) describes the degree of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects and access to hazardous parts.

PTI’s Patented Fibrous Dusting System

The second type of dust testing is unique only to PTI. We have designed and perfected a Patented Fibrous Dusting system. This system is designed primarily to support laptop products or products that accumulate fibrous dust in heat sinks and forced air induction. This system accelerates the dust accumulation- what normally takes months in real life is accumulated in just hours. PTI spent months of research perfecting our proprietary dust mixture.

For more information on PTI’s patented fibrous dust testing click here to view a downloadable PDF file.

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