NRTL Process Options


The United States and Canadian governments require that any AC powered device for use in the workplace have an NRTL approval.

NRTL (National Recognized Testing Laboratory)

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the division of the US government that qualifies testing facilities as NRTL’s. NRTL-approved products are easily recognized by a symbol on the outside of the product. This symbol is often referred to as an “NRTL mark.” The UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) symbol is probably the most recognized by the general public in the United States. Not only do the United States and Canadian governments require an NRTL mark, but additionally, many large customers (i.e. their procurement departments) will require an NRTL mark before buying your product. This tells the purchasing company that your product has been held to a nationally recognized standard for safety.

Understanding UL Testing and Approval

The UL mark is one of about 15 options you have to prove compliance and satisfaction of your product to both government and procuring agencies. The type of testing and method for approval depends on what kind of product you are selling. There are hundreds of categories of equipment each with a testing and approval procedure. The standards for each category are labeled UL XXXXX. For example, UL 60950 is the testing and approval procedure for IT Equipment. Although these documents begin with “UL” for historical reasons, any of the recognized NRTL’s in the United States and Canada can test and approve to these standards. Here are a few of the symbols you will find on products to prove NRTL approvals:

What can PTI do to help you obtain an NRTL mark for your product?

We can acquire an NRTL approval from Nemko by evaluating your product to a nationally-recognized safety standard. The table below shows some of the products and categories that we are currently able to perform right here in Austin, Texas:

United States Canada Description
UL 62368 CSA 22.2 62368 A/V, Information and Communication Equipment
UL 61010 CSA 22.2 61010 Laboratory, Medical, and Control Equipment
UL 60601 CSA 22.2 60601 Medical Equipment
*CDRH 21 CFR *CSA E60825 Laser Products
UL XXXXX CSA XXXXX Although we specialize in the above standards,
there are many more we can evaluate product to,
just ask.

Do you need help with another UL standard not listed? Do you need to know which standard your product falls under, or do you need specific help? Please fill out a quote request form and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

* Laser Products
The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), a division of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulates laser products imported to or manufactured in the United States. When submitting a product containing a laser through an NRTL for use in the United States or Canada, it may be necessary to evaluate your product for laser safety in accordance with CDRH 21, CFR, or CSA E60825 respectively. PTI can evaluate your product to CDRH 21, CFR or CSA E60825 and assist you with the required documentation for compliance with these standards.

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