Laser Evaluations


A product that contains a laser adds an additional evaluation in the process of obtaining an NRTL Mark, CB Scheme Evaluation or European Union Directive Approval.

CDRH Compliance

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), a division of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulates laser products imported to or manufactured in the United States. When submitting a product containing a laser through an NRTL for use in the United States or Canada, it is necessary to evaluate your product for laser safety in accordance with CDRH 21, CFR, or CSA E60825 respectively. PTI can evaluate your product to CDRH 21, CFR or CSA E60825 and assist you with the required documentation for compliance with these standards.



EN 60825 Compliance

Any product containing a laser for sale in the European Union or that will be evaluated for a IECEE CB Scheme shall show compliance with EN 60825. This standard ensures the safety of a laser product through the measurement of accessible laser radiation, laser product classification, labels, and documentation. PTI can evaluate your product to EN 60825 and assist you with the required documentation for compliance with this standard.

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