Reliability & Materials Testing


Reliability testing allows manufacturers to verify operating specifications for components and systems.


Manufacturers want to release the most reliable product they can. Professional Testing offers solutions that help manufactures do just that and meet or exceed their design goals. Through accelerated testing processes, such as HALT, and product screening with HASS and/or ESS, electrical and mechanical weakness that cause liabilities later are discovered in the design phase or manufacturing phase prior to product release.

Many test programs over look a vital part of reliability testing- the static strength, stability and durability of the materials and assembly of the product. PTI customizes the procedures, machines and testing to determine the ruggedness of your materials and design with this-

In the end, manufactures want to derive the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of the released product.  By utilizing industry standard such as Telecordia TR-332/SR-332 and MIL-HDBK-217, products MTBF can be derived from limited product information (i.e., BoM, expected usage condition). However, such analytical MTBF value does not closely match with actual product MTBF. PTI engineers can derive your products MTBF by developing a proper accelerated life testing, by performing tests, and by analyzing test data, along with existing field failure data.

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We help our customers be proactive by getting involved early in the design phase, designing in reliability and compliance. The result is bringing products to market faster with less cost, and better service.  Learn More >

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