The withdrawal of 60950-1 may matter to non-ITE products


The withdrawal of 60950-1 may matter to non-ITE products

On December 20, 2020, the current standard for several ITE (Information Technology Equipment) components will be withdrawn. For users of standards such as 61010-1, UL 508A, 60335 -1 and other end product standards, this may seem inconsequential; however, many manufacturers use components that are approved to 60950-1 in their end product that is approved to […]

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What happens when IEC 60950-1 is withdrawn?

If you have products certified to 60950-1, you may have questions about what happens after the withdrawal date. On December 20, 2020, 60950-1 will be officially withdrawn, ending a legacy of this standard that spanned over 30 years covering information technology products. In addition, the 60065 audio video standard will also be withdrawn. Prior to […]

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