Strain Gauge Services


Strain is the 2nd most common physical sensor measurement in the world behind temperature.  It can be used to calculate forces, pressures, displacements, and a whole variety of other mechanical material properties.  Applying strain gauges properly to get good data is a special skill, and requires an experienced technician.  Professional Testing has the capability of applying strain gauges competently, and has the instrumentation necessary for long-term and/or high channel-count data logging.  We operate in 2 modes:

  1. We apply the strain gauges in the laboratory, and take measurement in conjunction with our Vibration / Shock testing or Static Load Testing
  2. If your equipment is large and cumbersome, we can also come on-site to perform strain gauge application and/or measurement services.

Image of typical foil strain gauge, blue region is conductive and resistance is measured from one blue pad to the other.

PTI can also provide strain gauge services for measurement in conjunction with vibration & shock testing, read more and with static load testing, read more

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