Vibration & Shock Testing


Professional Testing can handle a wide variety of shock and vibration testing on large and small equipment.

Our Ling 335 VH vibration system is one of the largest and most powerful in Texas. This system is complemented by a suite of Lansmont brand shock, drop and vibration for package testing. Download our guide with a complete checklist on how to prepare for testing.

Vibration Table 1 Vibration Table 2
Model Ling 335 VH Lansmont 1800
Type Electrodynamic Servo-Hydraulic
Frequency Range 2Hz – 2kHz 3Hz – 300Hz
Stroke (i.e. Displacement), (in) 1.5 2.5
Max Amplitude (lbf) 18,000 10,000
Max Dead Weight (lbs) 1,000 1,300
Orientation Vertical and Horizontal Vertical ONLY
Table Size 2’x2′ Vertical, 2’x5′ Horizontal 4’x4′
Bolt Hole Pattern

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